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Early Short Films Made by Famous Directors

short films

Most film directors learn their trade by making short films or music videos, before sometimes moving on to feature films. Short films are a great way for filmmakers to experiment with new ideas and techniques, and as such, they can also be a launching pad for successful careers. Some of the best short films by famous filmmakers are:

Doodlebug (1997) by Christopher Nolan

This suspenseful short film tells the story of a man who is being chased by a small bug-like creature. The film is beautifully shot and edited, and it features a chilling performance by Jeremy Theobald.

Six Shooter (2004) by Martin McDonagh

This darkly comic short film follows two men who meet in a pub and have a violent encounter. The film is a great example of McDonagh’s talent for writing dialogue and creating suspenseful situations.

The Place We Go to Hide (2015) by Zawe Ashton

This intriguing short film from the star of Velvet Buzzsaw and The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of two sleepwalkers, Martha and Quentin, who check into a hotel as returning guests and live parallel lives during their waking hours. Little do they know that in their sleep, they fall in love with each other time and time again.

Two Cars, One Night (2004) by Taika Waititi

This heartwarming short film follows two young boys who are waiting for their parents to pick them up from school. The film is a great example of Waititi’s talent for creating charming characters and telling stories about family and friendship.

Vincent (1982) by Tim Burton

A tribute to Vincent van Gogh, this short film is beautifully animated and features a unique visual style that is inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings.

Colonial Gods (2009) by Dee Rees

This poignant short film tells the story of a difficult friendship between a Somali man and Nigerian man against the uncertainty of gentrification in a small immigrant community in Cardiff, Wales.

Lick the Star (1998) by Sofia Coppola

A true-to-life portrayal of middle school in suburban California, this black-and-white short film follows a clique of school girls as they devise a secret plan that they code-name “Lick the Star”.

These are just a few of the many great short films by famous filmmakers. If you’re looking for a quick and rewarding viewing experience, we highly recommend checking out some of these films. Happy watching!

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