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February 2024 Programme

Bunun Adi Şam

Music Video

It’s a visual storytelling journey in which Şam recounts his life’s evolution, weaving a narrative that bridges his past and present. The music video serves as a captivating visual companion, enhancing his stories with metaphors and wordplay, creating an engaging and vivid experience.

Citizen Tourist

Short Film

With global tourism on the rise, the short film “CITIZEN TOURIST” tries to look at the tourist as a species with exotic and particular quirks, inviting us to look at ourselves and our group behaviours when we fill that role. The theme is explored in a whimsical fashion, turning the spotlight on an industry that is shaping entire cities and cultures in profound ways.

Dearly Beloved

A young woman writes a letter to the person who sexually abused her. As she types she reflects on her healing journey, her trauma, the scars left by the abuse and the metamorphosis that took place as a result of it.


Entangled is a short winter climbing film exploring the relationship between climbers and their connections to the Scottish landscape. We find ourselves in an intimate relationship with the climbers, looking through the lens at the micro, and the expansive moments.

Foretoken – Omen Of The Outsiders

After witnessing her people suffer cruelty and oppression at the hands of Roman invaders, a young tribal woman named Énna takes up spear and shield in hopes of saving her family and homeland. What follows is a desperate last stand that gives rise to myth and legend.

Growin’ Pains

During a family argument, a teenager flees to the garden to find some relief from the noise and conflict inside, but the argument follows them out and cannot be escaped. Feeling hopelessly fed up, they begin to grow into the grass and are swallowed by the ground. When they wake, they are in a world beneath the garden floor where they have transformed into a cryptid creature, a green man, an escape from being human. What seemed at first a magical escapism becomes a burden as the house and conflict still plagues them.


A young Nubian girl embarks on a journey back in time to reconnect with her drowned homeland. Guided by the Nile egret, she travels underwater within the lake created by the Aswan High Dam to visit Nubia’s mountains and palm trees, water wheels and houses, men and women. She bids farewell to her people as they board the boats that will take them to their resettlement villages. Returning to her own time, she carries the strength of knowing that Nubia will always live on inside her.

Puglistic Soul

“Pugilistic Soul” is a short boxing drama, starring Patrick Walker, that delves into the intense backstage moments leading up to a pivotal fight, exploring the internal struggles that go beyond the physical rigors of the sport.


Living with flatmates can be tough. Living with an influencer can be even tougher. Phoebe, Jade and Heather have had enough and conspire to ‘deal with’ Danielle once and for all. Get ready for the twists and turns in this Gen Z Horror Comedy!

Terra Natal

A literary translator moves from Sao Paulo to New York to work on the novel of a dying author. Adrift in the unfamiliar city, she seeks solace by consuming soil from her homeland.

The Fire Next Time

Morthada and his crew attend a festival as guests of a seemingly hospitable family, but things take a turn when the host makes racist remarks. Will their white attendant confront the bigotry?


A short documentary exploring my experiences as a chronically ill trans person.

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