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May 2023 Programme

A Land For Everyone

Short Film

A Land For Everyone is a short film documenting the work of skateboard and adventure photographer Hannah Bailey, and skateboarder, Lyndsay McLaren. As women who grew up in rural Scotland, Hannah and Lyndsay’s teenage selves never imagined a career in skateboarding would be possible, so this adventure is a nod to their childhoods and the journeys they have been on since.


Short Film

A young Prince offers a fruit to the altar of a withered temple when he is faced with divinity he worships. Ashta is a tale of desire, of spirituality, and of our innate human greed which only leads to pain and destruction.


Short Film

A young bookmaker schedules a day in solitude until a chance encounter puts an end to his plans.


Music Video

“Casa” is Goldreick’s debut single.
Screened at the “Palazzo del cinema Anteo” in Milan on 10.03.22, it was directed by Goldreick and noramora.
It discloses the album “Smettere di stare male” by telling the crash of Goldreick on planet earth with his spaceship and the creation of the “QUEERBY”, the little pink monsters that accompany him.

Special Mention Winner: Death in a digital sense

Short FIlm

Memories of a lost loved one in the post-internet age. Images flash before us and we are given their online context in the effort of creating a story through WhatsApp chats, which aren’t too dissimilar from dreams it seems. Grief is one of life’s great hardships, but does our hyperreal world help us or make it worse when dealing with someone close to us dying?

Ember in the Land of Nothingness 餘燼

Short Film

Do dying embers always await the days of resurgence, even if the future looks bleak?

MUI and CHEUNG look just like another ordinary elderly couple. However, in between cracks of beautiful illusion and cruel reality, MUI suffers from Alzheimer’s and conditions deteriorate notably after the mysterious death of her granddaughter. Can justice be seen in this land of nothingness?

Fitness is for Everyone: an Adaptive story

Short Film

Our short documentary “Fitness Is For Everyone: An Adaptive Story” showcases what is possible with fitness.

The documentary is shot to follow Chris’s journey throughout Wodecelona (the most adaptive-focussed CrossFit Competition in the world) 11 years after being diagnosed with retinal dystrophy.

We would love to enter it into the Boundless Film Festival in order to inspire the wider audience you are connected with and share this empowering message that anything is possible no matter what challenges you are facing.

Best Music Video Winner: Forever & a Day

Music Video

A new-age romantic daydream


Short Film

Guided by the cries of an unseen fox, prehistoric Man and Woman struggle to survive the severity of their environment, sickness, birth and death.

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

Music Video

Set to a poem by Emily Dickinson, the music video ‘I felt a Funeral, in my Brain’ is a phantasmagorical illustration of the myth of Babylon, featuring a dark array of emotions conveyed through the powerful chords of an acoustic guitar, a captivating vocal performance, and a mesmerizing visual journey with fantastic creatures across the desert.

Best Short Film Winner: Imagine if black boys just smiled at each other

Music Video

We follow man #1 as he takes a stroll down his local high street.
He narrates to us his theory about every black man’s first encounter with another black man on the street.
The love, hate reaction.
As he walks, he encounters other black men, and we see his theory play out in surreal and fantastical imagery.
His reality blurs with his imagination and we are taken from the streets of bradford, to a sci fi pub, to an Elizabethan stage and back again.
All in the pursuit to break a stereotype, and share black boy joy.

The film finishes with real interviews with local black men, who tell us their personal understanding of this unique cultural experience.

Nine per Cent

Short Film

Julie, 40 years old, is making love with Pierre as her mother suddenly arrives in their apartment and intrudes on their intimacy.
Pierre wonders how she got in. She has an extra pair of keys to water the plants. Except that Julie is at home Pierre notes. And indeed…
Julie, however, doesn’t have the courage to send her mother away.


Short Film

When thirteen year old Zara and her friends are caught torturing a fish she races home to escape punishment, only to then bear the brunt of her father’s rage.

It’s hard to stand up for yourself. Especially as a teenage girl. Zara’s day at the beach with her friends goes awry when the boys pressure her to kill a lonely fish in the ocean.

It’s hard to stand up to your husband. Especially when he’s reckless. Charlotte tries to get her husband to pick their daughter up from school, but he refuses.

Like mother like daughter–both Zara and Charlotte struggle to escape the mundane turned violent oppression of the men standing in their way.

The 13th hour

Short Film

Anna is in a toxic relationship. She wanders the streets of Rouen in search of a solution to free herself from it. But is she even capable of it?

Audience Award Winner: The Body with No Face

Short Film

A woman with a passion for nature loses the life she knew when she finds herself living with a chronic illness, bedbound in the dark and unable to speak, in a room in a care home. While striving to hold on to a tiny, fragile fragment of her former life, her safe space is invaded by a sequence of mysterious intruders, who silently take away her precious possessions, one by one, stripping her environment of all she holds dear. As the intruders become more and more faceless and dehumanised, and her losses more critical, she faces her biggest threat of all – can she hold on to her own humanity?

Tin Foil Flat

Short Film

A conspiracy theorist subjects his home to a drastic transformation. Made with a one-man crew and over 400 m2 of tin foil.

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  1. Was nice to go through it all.
    Thought provoking and entertaining. Enjoyed fully and looking forward for more from the team.
    All the best

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