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October 2022 Programme


Music Video

Do neural networks listen to simulated rock bands? Algorithms dictate much of what we see and hear but they’ve only recently become able to reproduce semblances of it on their own. As digital simulacra have become more and more eerily convincing, even as algorithms warp artistic production through the feedback loops of streaming and social media, what may come of vertically-integrating algorithmic distribution with its own ability to create? Or, in the deeper exploration of machine-generated art — the interest of which comes as much from its mystifying errors and omissions as from its successes — will the essential significance of the guiding human hand become only more obvious? A music video for the upcoming track by multi-instrumentalist gnome-rocker BenBen (@benbensings).


Short Film

An artist struggles to create his next painting so he decides to go fishing with a friend. On the trip he ends up learning things about himself that he never expected to encounter.

Come Over

Music Video

Music Video for Artist Open Till L8 x Larissa Lambert – we created a world where a siren type creature of beauty, trapped on an isolated cliff, calls for the souls of the wandering man among the mainland. She catches the ear of a rogue character played by Open Till L8 who unknown to her is actually a hunter of all things evil. When the meet on opposite sides of the cliff, she realises he is a threat and powers up into a dramatic battle to win.


Music Video

This video constitutes an experiment, testing digital toolsets for a potential capacity to generate conceptual statements. It was conceived as an introduction/epigraph/teaser for my diploma thesis, exploring a question of how construction of space in the digital age can either liberate or rather succumb to propaganda? This work sees architecture as a mediator between the physical and the virtual, focusing on the human being as a transformation subject from “homo sapiens” or “ludens” towards a so-called “homo separatio”.


Short FIlm

A swimmer has been training daily for several years, but when you are Afghan, the next Olympic Games in Paris seem so far away…

Stroke Life: Four Stories

Short Film

There are two million stroke survivors in Britain. What’s it like, living with a stroke? Four survivors describe the impact of a stroke on their body image and daily life.

The Foundling

Short Film

The Foundling is a short experimental documentary that explores the memories of Janet Feddon, one of the oldest surviving “”foundlings”” raised in the Thomas Coram Foundling Hospital – an orphanage for illegitimate children, born out of marriage. Janet Feddon was brought to the Foundling Hospital shortly after her birth, in 1930. The Foundling focuses on an arrangement of audio clips, from an interview conducted with Janet in 2018. Through abstract imagery, emotive music, and the unique timbre of Janet’s voice, this film aims to give an insight into the fragility of a child and the strength of a woman.

The Microscope

Short Film

An eccentric microscopist finally gets his hands on some rare samples, but he could never have imagined what he’ll see through the lens.

SPECIAL MENTION: The Speed of Sound

Short Film

A woman is haunted by sounds that unravel her sense of time.

The Watcher

Short Film

Danielle, the last member of a small religious cult (The Children of Enoch), awaits the resurrection of her recently departed “sisters” and their leader, Father Enoch.


Short Film

Unable to legally access abortion at home, Maria is forced to travel alone overseas. When she runs into difficulties, a Stranger appears and offers help. Initially cautious, Maria concedes to The Stranger’s warmth, and her own lack of options, and they leave together. However, once she is safely shut up in The Stranger’s house, things begin to unravel and Maria finds herself caught in a web of choice – with only one option. Trapped, Maria must fight a desperate battle to keep control over her own body.

Under The Sun

Short Film

The movie is a visual stimulation raising unique human qualities – compassion, empathy, trust, spirituality, unconditional love, and forgiveness. There is no difference between religion or those that practice them – we are all one, praising divine love. The hunter and the prey all belong of the cycle of life. Compassion leads them to oneness, erasing duality. All art forms – music, paintings, poetry, mathematics, and dance – glorify the beauty of creation. Human relationships come in turbulent waves but dissolve into an ocean of forgiveness. The mother and child form an unbreakable bond of unconditional trust and affection. The human mind is capable of shining like a thousand stars if left unhindered in the darkness and the quiet. We are many lost souls, woven into the fabric of the cosmos. Stitched together by spirit and love.

View From the Sea

Short Film

View from the Sea is an artistic documentary filmed and photographed during the first year and a half of Covid, while swimming in the sea at the 40ft and Sandycove in Dublin, Ireland. The film is about connection, friendship and the sea. In a time of restrictions, swimming in the sea and documenting the women and the sea became the antidote; freedom and an abandonment of rules.

Who’s Counting?

Short Film

1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet the total number of miscarriages in the UK is currently unrecorded. ‘Who’s Counting?’ tells the story of a couple as they have to endure the physical and emotional trauma of successive losses before they can receive support.

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