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August 2023 Programme


Short Film

Have you ever seen two people count to 100? Me neither

505 Courtland

Short Film

“505 Courtland” is a captivating short documentary that explores the role of art in community building. Set within the dynamic environment of 505 Courtland, an apartment community known for its seamless combination of comfort and excitement, the film delves into the transformative power of art. Through immersive visuals and insightful interviews with local artists, the documentary showcases the diverse artistic expressions that have turned 505 Courtland into a vibrant hub of creativity. The film highlights how art fosters a sense of belonging, connection, and unity within the community. By focusing on the captivating stories and artistic wonders found within 505 Courtland, the documentary invites viewers to reflect on the significance of art in cultivating thriving communities where comfort and excitement coexist harmoniously.

C’est La vie

Music Video

Royal 2000 roams the streets of Basingstoke wielding sticky notes and a sharpie in order to bring colour to an otherwise dull landscape.


Music Video

“Cremantique” is a supernatural short film exploring isolation, sleep paralysis, and that haunting carnival of late-night anxious thoughts, ringing like an operatic chorus line of evil puppets in your head.

Born from the bleak winter lockdown of 2021, what started as a small music video collaboration between psych band Shjrunken Heads, director Remy Lamont, and prop designer Josie Maprayil, quickly became a six-month trip down a psychedelic rabbit hole. An adventure of illegal late-night film shoots, monsters, puppeteering, police evasion, and Marion nearly drowning in a pond. The culmination? A labyrinth-like journey into an insomniac’s dark and suffocating world.


Short Film

In this short film we document the story of Youssef Lewis, an old cobbler who took this job after his father’s death who worked as an assistant for another cobbler, and what does this shop mean to him.

For The Better

Short Film

A viral infection in my brain has kept me bound to my room for the past two years. This short documentary opens a window into what it’s like to live with chronic illness, and explores why I wouldn’t choose not to suffer from it.

Help Point

Short Film

After a heavy night out, Becky misses her train home. Stranded at an empty station, she uses the Help Point on the platform but hears a voice on the other side – asking for her help.

Just A Number

Short Film

You got a new job? Great.
Now get on it!

Memories Beneath Frigid Water

Short Film

Memories Beneath Frigid Waters is a Super 16mm narrative film set in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, wherein Eliza, a mid-20’s drifter, stands deeply in denial surrounding her estranged mother’s passing, in spite of recently inheriting her family’s cabin. When faced with the impossible task of deciding the cabin’s fate, compounded with the inability to healthily grieve, Eliza engages with various tumultuous behaviours to cope. It is within this world of serrated uncertainty where she quickly realizes that the road to healing is far more tedious and unsettled than she originally thought possible.

sometimes i feel like i’m unravelling

Short Film

Through the twists and turns of a mysterious condition, a person must figure out how to come to terms with their own unraveling.

The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits (猫猫的头七)

Short Film

A story about a little boy waiting for the return of his lost beloved cat.

The Patriot

Short Film

“The Patriot” is a thought-provoking and imaginative film that explores themes of patriotism, humanity, and the potential for positive change. The story centres around Malcolm, a young man deeply affected by the outcome of the Euros 2020 final between England and Italy. When England loses the match and racial abuse ensues, Malcolm grapples with his own feelings of disappointment and the darkness that unfolds on social media.

To My Love (Rakkaalleni)

Short Film

Aino gets locked inside her apartment. During a reconstruction of her home and herself she writes a letter to her loved one.

Two Worlds

Short Film

A young graduate, deep in debt, receives a call on a sunny and busy morning in Chennai. Assuring that he’d reach within 15 mins, he begins racing in his motorbike through the traffic, risking his life even! The following sequence of events in the film unfolds the sad reality of today’s world.

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